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Financing and Constructing a Self-Build Home

SIPCO we specialise in providing high-quality Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) that redefine the standards of modern buildings. Recognising the unique challenges faced by self-builders in financing such projects, we have partnered with BuildStore, the UK’s leader in bespoke financial services for homebuilders.

Limitations of Traditional Financing

Traditional self-build mortgages often fall short when it comes to funding self-build projects. These products typically offer capital in lump sums at the completion of the project, which doesn’t help you manage ongoing expenses. Builders face stringent lending criteria and inflexible payment schedules, making it difficult to maintain a fluid project timeline. Additionally, traditional financing methods can be ill-suited for the bespoke nature of self-build projects, where funds are needed more incrementally and flexibly.

SIP Garden room studios offers a practical year-round solution for adding room and value to your property. Garden rooms are ideal for home offices, annexes, studio living spaces and more. Using SIP walls, roof and floor panels for your eco-friendly garden studio building ensures maximum thermal efficiency with minimal heating requirements and low running costs.. We can also advise on doors and window fitting.

SIPCO has also supplied many modular building structures for new build and extension/adaptation applications. Major adaptations to existing buildings are fully constructed offsite in our factory to required specifications. Our expert team can assist with technical details and planning.

The volumetric building modules can then be crane lifted into position within just a few hours, meaning minimal disruption to traffic and activity on site. All adaptation building modules are manufactured to suit bespoke specification requirements, as generally, no two sites are the same.

BuildStore Self-Build Financing

As a result, BuildStore offers innovative self-build financing options such as stage payment mortgages. At key stages of your build, these financial products release funds so you can get the resources you need. Whether you’re laying the foundations, erecting walls, or putting on the finishing touches, our tailored financing aligns perfectly with your project timeline.

Unlike traditional SIP mortgages, BuildStore’s self-build mortgages offer more flexible payment releases to cater to the unique needs of self-builders. Consequently, builders can plan and execute their projects without financial hiccups that typically stall construction. Through BuildStore, you gain access to a range of self-build and renovation mortgages that are not only flexible but also crafted to suit various project types and builder requirements.

This dedicated approach to financing ensures that your project gets off the ground on your terms, fully supported by experts who understand the dynamics of self-build projects. By leveraging BuildStore’s specialist knowledge and our premium SIP systems, we make sure that building your dream home is a joy rather than a challenge.


An essential resource tailored for individuals planning to construct their homes using Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) from SIPCO. This guide provides detailed information on financing options available through BuildStore, including step-by-step advice on securing loans, budget planning, and managing construction costs effectively.
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Self-Building With SIPs

Environmental and Financial Benefits

Choosing SIPs aligns with the growing trend towards sustainable building practices. The panels are produced with minimal waste, and the materials used are often sourced from sustainable forests. Moreover, the energy efficiency provided by the insulated cores of SIPs leads to reduced heating and cooling costs, offering long-term savings.

The environmental benefits extend beyond just energy savings. The efficiency of SIPs construction reduces the number of deliveries and machinery required on-site, further decreasing the carbon footprint of building new homes. For self-builders interested in creating eco-friendly homes, SIPs offer a way to achieve higher energy ratings and potentially qualify for various green building incentives.

Optimised for Self-Builders

Our SIPs provide not just a structural solution but a holistic approach to building. For self-builders, this means a smoother construction process with fewer complications. The panels’ ability to be customised to fit various design specifications makes them ideal for those looking to create a home that stands out or meets specific architectural visions.

With SIPs, budget management is easier because they are predictable. When paired with BuildStore’s specialised self-build financing options, self-builders can maintain tighter control over their project finances with fewer unexpected costs and delays. Financing your project is streamlined and efficient with this combination.

Leveraging BuildStore’s Expertise for Project Success

Custom Financial Strategies

BuildStore’s tailored financial solutions are specifically designed to support the unique requirements of self-build projects.BuildStore offers a variety of financing options that can be customised to match each stage of the building process. This bespoke approach ensures that funds are available exactly when they are needed, which is crucial for maintaining momentum and managing suppliers and contractors efficiently.

For instance, BuildStore’s stage payment mortgages release funds at critical points in the project, such as after the completion of the foundation, wall structure, and roofing. This method of financing is highly advantageous for self-builders as it aligns with the project’s cash flow needs, allowing for a smooth transition between each phase of construction without financial strain.

Role of Project Managers

BuildStore also offers qualified project managers to assist self-builders throughout the process of constructing their own homes. These professionals offer invaluable support from the initial cost estimates to the final inspections, ensuring that every aspect of the project adheres to both budget and timeline.

Their problem-solving skills are particularly beneficial during unexpected challenges, which are common in construction projects. Whether it’s navigating building regulations, sourcing materials, or managing subcontractors, BuildStore’s project managers are equipped to handle these issues, allowing self-builders to focus more on the creative aspects of their build.

Why Us
Choosing the Right SIP Self-Build Mortgage
    Selecting the right mortgage is critical to ensure financial flexibility and project success when embarking on a self-build project. At BuildStore, we offer two primary types of self-build mortgages: cost-based financing and valuation-based financing. Each has its merits and suitability depending on the specific needs and circumstances of the self-builder.

    Cost-based financing is particularly advantageous for self-build projects because it provides funding based on the actual costs incurred at each stage of the build. As a result, self-builders have access to funds aligned with their project timelines, ensuring steady progress.

    Valuation-based financing releases funds based on the increasing value of the property as it progresses through different construction phases. This type of financing can be beneficial if the property’s value is expected to increase significantly with each completed stage.

Self-Build Mortgage Selection Advice

Choosing between these financing options involves a thorough assessment of several factors:

Project timeline: Cost-based mortgages might be better for projects with well-defined costs and schedules, ensuring funding is available when needed. Valuation-based options might suit projects where significant value is added in the early stages, such as substantial renovations or major structural work.

Financial stability: Evaluate your financial situation to determine which financing structure offers the best balance between accessible funds and manageable repayment terms. Cost-based financing generally provides more predictable funding, whereas valuation-based financing might offer larger sums that depend on property appraisals.

Risk tolerance: Consider your comfort level with potential fluctuations in funding availability, especially with valuation-based financing, where funds depend on interim valuations which might vary based on market conditions and construction progress.

The choice of a self-build mortgage is pivotal and should be tailored to the specific dynamics of your self-build project. We help self-builders navigate these options to find the right mortgage that fits both their financial needs and their construction plans.

Risk Management and Insurance Solutions

BuildStore offers a variety of insurance products designed to address the specific needs of self-build projects. Working with BuildStore, self-builders can access tailored advice on selecting the most appropriate insurance coverage based on the unique aspects of their project. This bespoke approach ensures that each critical risk factor is adequately covered, from the initial laying of the foundation to the final installation of fixtures.

Key insurance options include:

Builder’s Risk Insurance: This covers the building and materials against damage or loss during construction.

Public Liability Insurance: Essential for protecting against claims arising from injuries or damages sustained by third parties as a result of the construction activities.

Employer’s Liability Insurance: Mandatory if you hire workers, safeguarding against claims from employees injured on the job.

Furthermore, BuildStore’s self-build mortgage advisors assist in determining the appropriate levels of coverage and help navigate the complexities of construction insurance. They ensure that policies are flexible enough to adapt to changes throughout the construction process, reflecting different stages and their associated risks.

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