Fully BBA compliant Structural Insulated Panels

SIPCO is one of the leading SIP companies in the UK, completing several high-profile projects in collaboration with major developers and over 250 self build projects

High Performance Panels

SIPCO are expert in designing and delivering fully BBA compliant wall, floor, roof and infill panels for various sectors and buildings. The product range includes Structural Insulated Panels (SIPS), timber stud internal panels, engineered floor joists, floor cassettes and prefabricated dormer window sets. We can also provide ancillary components such as decking, screws and fixings, breather membranes, adhesives and tapes.

Structural Walling

Our SIP systems make up the complete dry structure of the building, including internal and external walls, floors, trussed and panelised roofs to create a structural envelope. Combining SIPS technology with high-performance open web floor joists, laminated timber roof beams and the SIPCO breather membrane makes the shell weather-tight. SIPCO provides large-format panel assembly using SIP panels or traditional stud framing. SIPCO also offers complete ‘SIP kits’ that supply individual components to trade buyers.

Infill Walling

SIPS are often specified as an infill to steel, concrete, oak, or glulam timber frame structures and can sit inside or outside the frame itself, taking out frame cladding. This method of infill walling is quick to install, speeding up high-rise construction and achieving a rapid dry envelope. SIP infill walling reduces thermal bridging, making this a great alternative to traditional Steel Framing Systems.

Roof Space

SIPCO also specialises in creating habitable roof solutions. SIP technology offers a superb opportunity to maximise headroom in roof and loft spaces, offering excellent thermal performance and limited air leakage. SIPCO roof systems can be installed quickly and achieve weather-tightness quicker than traditional attic trusses.


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