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NEWSSIPCO scoop best use of SIPS at the Structural Timber Awards 20/10/16

Self Build

Building your own home is a fantastic experience and at the same time a potentially daunting task.

To provide first-hand exposure to SIPS technology we offer all self-builders the opportunity to visit our production facility and meet with our technical team. This offers a valuable insight not only into the project and the SIP technology, but provides self-builders with the opportunity to see the scale of our business and facilities - something that sets us apart from many of our competitors.

SIPCO offer a personal service to assist self-builders throughout the construction of the superstructure, working closely with all self-build clients to ensure that potential problems have been removed before the manufacturing and construction process begins.  We offer dedicated internal project management and dedicated design staff to individual projects.

Routinely, SIPCO offer several consultation meetings at key stages prior to and during manufacture – aiming to take as much of the hassle away in the early design stages.  We have completed in excess of 250 units in the past 5 years and have experience in most types of building designs and can often offer valuable advice on potential problems, whilst also helping to optimise and value-engineer the design and giving our clients maximum value for money.

We understand that the level of expenditure involved in a self-build can present concern in terms of financial stability of suppliers. As such, SIPCO can provide testimonials from any of our previous projects to provide reassurance.