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SIP Panel Floor Systems

A SIP building can use any range of SIP flooring options, however metal web floor joists are proving to be very popular due to a wide range of practical benefits including; almost uninterrupted access for the passage of services, wide flanges provide a large area for the fixing of floor deck and ceiling, depths compatible with solid joist sizes, made to measure dimensions - reducing on site wastage, minimal shrinkage or swelling, reduction or elimination of surface run pipework, erected in approximately 50% of the time required for conventional joists and can be top chord supported.

Timber web options provide similar benefits in terms of being an open web joist system that can be manufactured to any depth from 219 to 600mm allowing for direct replacement in existing building designs. Chases can be easily incorporated to allow for large services such as air handling units and ducting.

Timber webs options have the ability to clear-span wide areas so there is less need for intermediate load bearing walls or post and beam requirements. This premium floor solution provides improved resistance to dynamic loading (less “bounce”) and transmission of sound, so it feels like a much firmer floor. Joist shrinkage and twisting which cause cracked ceilings and squeaky floors are a thing of the past.

Once the joists are on the site, the consistent size and height of the offsite manufactured open web systems allow easier floor deck and ceiling installation, while the open web design allows for utilities to be run through the floor system without drilling or notching. These benefits reduce the amount of time trade contractors spend on site, speed up construction, and ultimately save the builder money.