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SIPS Design Services

Our technical team will become involved with your project early in the design process, so we can help you get the most out of the unique benefits of our SIP system. This leads to fewer concessions and opens up more opportunities for value-engineering and design for manufacture and assembly (DfMA).

SIPCO assist wherever possible, using our experience gained from delivering dozens of SIP buildings. We provide a full thermal modelling service that can bring a new perspective to the design process – optimising the design in terms of joint geometry and minimising thermal bridging.  The end result is super energy efficient buildings and more cost effective construction.

We provide a full Computer Aided Design (CAD) service with 2D and 3D detailing that can be extended in to BIM compliant modelling.

SIPCO will deliver a product whose loadbearing capacity, structural integrity, hygrothermal, fire resistance and acoustic performance exceeds those of any individual components within the system.

Our structural engineers provide detailed calculations to ensure that designs are practical and cost-effective.