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Check List for SIP Design

Information Required to Begin SIP Design - fully dimensioned or scalable construction drawings (DWG or DXF format preferable):

  • Site plan showing orientation and location, including post-code
  • Floor plan for each level
  • Elevations of each side of the building
  • Vertical section through the building
  • Roof plan, including maximum ridge height

The drawings should also contain the following information, or it should be provided in written format:

  • Ground floor build up and finishes
  • Intermediate floor build-up and finishes
  • Floor to floor dimensions
  • Size and location of stairwell openings
  • External wall build-up and finishes
  • Internal wall build-up
  • Roof finishes (tile type and/or weight)
  • Roof pitch and eaves overhang detail
  • SVP and service duct positions, including MVHR duct sizes
  • Any extra loadings on upper floors (e.g. water tanks, large baths etc.)
  • External opening schedule (structural opening sizes)
  • Internal opening schedule (structural opening sizes)
  • Details of any other third party products that will interface with the SIP structure

Whilst the above check-list is comprehensive it may not address all of the unique characteristics of your individual self-build project, as such we offer all self-builders the opportunity to visit our production facility and meet with our technical team.